© Visciano Law Firm boasts many years of experience in carrying out professional legal activities, which has always been at the service of Italian and foreign companies, as well as individuals. The owner, Enrico Visciano, together with the lawyer Sandra Meoni and all the firm’s collaborators, is an expert in areas such as industrial law and intellectual property, as well as civil litigation, corporate and contract commercial law, as well as family law, separations and divorces, children’s rights. The professionalism, the experience gained and the extreme competence that you will find by contacting the Visciano Law Firm are at your complete disposal. Attorney Enrico Visciano is also a Cassation lawyer authorized to practice before the Court of Cassation and the other Higher Courts. He is also a member of the International Arbitration Chamber


The offices of the Visciano Law Firm

The © Visciano law firm has three offices, two of which are in Milan, Via Visconti di Modrone Uberto 8/6, 20122 and, in Via Turati – ang. Via Carlo Porta 1-20121, where we provide our services to numerous international clients, offering clients a professional, competent and punctual service in the various branches of Civil Law both in judicial and extra-judicial matters.

The professional law firm of Attorney Enrico Visciano boasts many years of experience in carrying out various activities, both at the service of Italian and foreign companies, and individuals.

Skills of the Visciano Law Firm

The many years of experience and multidisciplinary skills, the utmost attention to the customer and his needs, transparency and constant updating on the progress of the practice, are the basis of the passion and dedication to the law that has always been demonstrated since the first day of the distant month. of July 1991 in which the practical experience in the Court began even before the end of the studies and the cursus honorum for individuals and multinational corporate groups who need a commercial lawyer and consultancy in contractual matters or, for individuals, a lawyer expert in family law.

Each dispute is studied in detail, taking care of the specific needs of each individual customer, establishing a relationship of trust and confidentiality.

Over the years, moreover, the owner of the Law Firm has dealt with the defense of well-known celebrities, as well as numerous companies and corporate groups with super-famous brands at national and international level, having acquired and consolidated the experience gained over time. and the prestige in keeping with the attorney’s role and role.

The areas of activity

The main areas of expertise of the law firm:

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