Ordinary corporate legal assistance – ordinary and extraordinary company formalities;

  • Management and advisory for multinationals and groups of national importance, with specific reference to intercompany transactions and those between the Italian subsidiary and the parent company;
  • Support in the selection of the administrative personnel and “due diligence”;
  • Assistance to non-profit organisations and public bodies, particularly with regard to regulatory and administrative compliance related to the nature of the entity;
  • Particular experience acquired in the field of training institutions, drafting of bylaws, cultural and sports foundations and associations.

Extraordinary advisory

  • Support to the entrepreneur in the planning or reorganisation of the company and group structure with corporate planning activities, also through extraordinary merger, demerger, spin-off and business unit disposal operations;
  • Incorporation of companies and foreign relations, in particular Hong Kong, London and emerging markets;
  • Constitution of trust and segregation of assets;
  • Preparation on behalf of the customer or support to the company in the preparation of business-plans and cash flows for the corporate activity or specific operations;
  • Drafting of contracts for normal business activities such as subcontracting, franchising, agencies, space management and service contracts, with specific focus on optimisation of the corporate structure, support in participation in public and private tenders and calls for obtaining loans and subsidies;
  • Advisory for new business initiatives such as start-ups, corporate or contractual joint ventures, profit sharing, temporary consortia, etc., acquisition and sale of companies; evaluation of companies, equity and specific assets; legal due diligence, negotiation and drafting of corporate and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Drafting of opinions and independent opinions on issues of commercial law with particular reference to extraordinary transactions, corporate and shareholders’ relationships, banking and insurance and bankruptcy law;

Tax litigation

  • advisory and assistance in pre-litigation (internal review, mediation, assessment with settlement);
  • assistance in tax litigation, with particular experience in personal income tax, national and international transfer pricing, permanent personnel and material establishment, double taxation.

Corporate bodies 

  • External consultants to the firm’s professionals may hold positions as directors, statutory auditors and auditors, or liquidators in stock companies, including listed companies, and public and private bodies.