Modification of the separation conditions pursuant to art. 710 cpc:

The modification of the conditions of separation is the procedure according to which the conditions concerning the spouse and the offspring provided for in the separation measures – approved consensual separation report, separation sentence and, now by virtue of the entry into force of law no. 162 / 2014 also agreement as a result of assisted negotiation procedure or agreement before the civil registrar -, upon appeal by the interested party or parties where the conditions arise, in the sense that in some way the situation on the basis of which the measures have been adopted and in any case there are justified reasons, they can be modified through a specific procedure with a session in the council chamber. The procedure governed by Article 710 of the Italian Criminal Code in the head relating to the personal separation of the spouses is applicable, by virtue of the extension operated by art. 4 of Law no. 54 of 8/2/2006 (introductory shared custody), also to the provisions governing the conditions relating to the children of unmarried parents, the modification of which is therefore the responsibility of the ordinary court.